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Therapies Offered

Celluma Light Therapy

Naturally relieve pain and inflammation, enhance cellular health while reducing wrinkles and signs of aging through the power of light.

Celluma Light Therapy

If you are looking for an LED light therapy product to combat the fine lines and wrinkles that age brings to the face and maintain a more youthful glow and beautiful skin, enjoy its benefits at Piedmont Pain Relief Store & Wellness Club. The Celluma LED light therapy device is your non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical secret weapon for the best results. Focused on fighting visible and physical signs of aging, this medical device is FDA-cleared to treat both wrinkles and alleviate pain. Its innovative, flexible, and shape-taking design ensures maximum efficacy since this device can get so close to the actual treatment area of the skin. A large coverage area for the face, neck and decollate, and lightweight construction make it a portable hi-tech beauty essential you never ever have to do without. Using powerful, clinically proven, NASA-researched technology, the Celluma LED machine reduces fine lines and wrinkles on the face, as well as treating general pain, in just minutes a day. The results will truly amaze you!

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Through research and clinical trials Red Light Therapy has been proven as a possible way to improve skin health.

The potential for using RLT as a way to rejuvenate the skin has led to a large number of studies. As the review in the journal Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine and SurgeryTrusted Source notes, RLT may help rejuvenate the skin by:

Light Therapy for Muscle and Joint Inflammation

Red light therapy lights are effective because of their ability to reach deep into the skin without damaging it. Red light therapy machines penetrate 2-7 centimeters into inner skin layers using red and infrared light to reach muscles, nerves, and bones effectively. Wavelengths from 700 to 1,000 nanometers are ideal for treating inflammation conditions.

The warmth we feel from the sun is infrared light. Infrared light does not contain ultraviolet radiation, which is harmful to us. Once the skin is penetrated, red and infrared light becomes absorbed by photoreceptors in our body’s cells. This creates a series of metabolic events and natural processes within the cells.


How Celluma Light Therapy Can Help

When it comes to how red light therapy works and improves our body’s functions, it’s pretty complex. There is still a lot of research required to understand how it works fully, its benefits, and the long-term effects.